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Enjoy a Taste of our Clear Spirits

All the clear spirits in the Rose City Distilling portfolio start from a 100% corn-based, gluten-free distillate. Two things set us apart – access to what we believe to be the best water in the world and our filtration system and processes proprietary to us. These two aspects allow for a finished spirit that is clean, smooth, and can be enjoyed in any of your favorite cocktails or on its own.

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Enjoy a Taste of our Whiskey

Rose City Distilling has created the most diverse collection of Whiskeys to round out our family of best-selling Vodka and Gin. The Inspiration for our James Oliver Rye Whiskey comes from a Bootlegger in Tupelo, Mississippi who just so happens to be the Grandfather of one of the founders of Rose City Distillery. Snake River Stampede Whiskey was born 32,000 feet up on an airplane with the old-school honest word and a handshake. It is in conjunction with one of the largest rodeos in the world and was created to pay homage to the great American Cowboy. Ghost Owl Whiskey started with a distiller who had a ghostly encounter with the glaring eyes of a large white owl in a great old barn.

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Rose City Whiskey portfolio
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Channel Vodka

Channel Vodka represents the best of what we do. You’ll taste the pristine water of the Pacific Northwest in a carefully crafted spirit. Whichever Channel you choose, we hope it is an adventure. Let’s Go Together. Let’s do it responsibly.

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Cocktail of the Month

Cowboy Nitro
  • 1oz Snake River Stampede Canadian Whiskey
  • 4-5oz Nitro Cold Brew
  • Dash of Vanilla Syrup
  • Dash of Cointreau + Coffee Pecan Bitters
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