Clear Spirits

All the clear spirits in the Rose City Distilling portfolio start from a 100% corn-based, gluten-free distillate. Two things set us apart – access to what we believe to be the best water in the world and our filtration system and processes proprietary to us.
These two aspects allow for a finished spirit that is clean, smooth, and can be enjoyed in any of your favorite cocktails or on its own.

80 Proof / 40% ALC by Volume
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Discover the essence of purity with Rose City Distilling Vodka. Crafted with the pristine waters of Oregon, our vodka undergoes an extensive six-time filtration process to ensure unparalleled smoothness and clarity. Made from the finest ingredients and naturally gluten-free, Rose City Distilling Vodka offers a clean, crisp taste that is perfect for sipping neat, on the rocks, or as the base for your favorite cocktails. Enjoy the refined excellence of Rose City Distilling Vodka, where meticulous craftsmanship meets the purest natural elements.
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Discover the vibrant and refreshing taste of Rose City Distilling Gin. Crafted with the pristine waters of Oregon and featuring a distinctive lemongrass finish, this gin is a celebration of botanical excellence and meticulous craftsmanship. Sourced from the pure, natural springs of Oregon, our water provides a crisp and clean base that enhances the botanical flavors of our gin.
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Oregon Marionberry

Rose City Distilling’s Oregon Marionberry Vodka is a distinguished spirit that highlights the rich, sweet-tart flavor of marionberries. Crafted with pure Oregon water, this vodka offers a clean and authentic taste. Bottled at 750 ml and 80 proof, it provides a harmonious blend of smoothness and bold berry notes, making it an excellent choice for both sipping and enhancing a variety of cocktails.
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Blood Orange

Rose City Distilling’s Blood Orange Vodka is a premium spirit crafted with meticulous care, using pristine Oregon water to ensure unmatched purity and smoothness. This vodka stands out for its natural composition, allowing the vibrant, tangy essence of blood orange to shine through in every sip. Bottled at 750 ml and 80 proof, it delivers a balanced and invigorating taste experience, perfect for both sipping neat and mixing in cocktails.
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Our Rose City Rum is produced with US Virgin Island Rum produced in St. Croix. It is a “light” Rum used typically for mixing. You will find that the tasting profile includes hints of vanilla and coconut on the nose and light hints of vanilla, coconut, and tropical fruits on the palate. We batch, blend, and bottle all here at Rose City Distilling. Like all of our products, we insist on a high-quality product at an incredible value. Current packaging sizes are 1 liter and 1.75L. Bottles at 80 proof.

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