Premium Silver Vodka

Rye based premium vodka using 72 hour coconut husk charcoal filtration. Clear, pure and simple. Great to chill and enjoy straight, or mix into a classic Bond inspired martini.


2007 SFWS - Silver Medal

2014 GADF - Silver Medal

Indio Vodka sales sheet pdf

Blood Orange Vodka

Vibrant and deliciously sweet but balanced, this is a must have for the vodka lover. Tastes like orange kissed with raspberries.


2014 GADF - Gold Medal

2015 GADF - Gold Medal

2015 50 Best - Gold Medal

Indio Blood Orange Vodka sales sheet pdf

Marionberry Vodka

The marionberry was developed in the fertile soil of Oregon’s Willamette Valley region.The fruit lends its distinctively sweet, yet mildly tart and lasting flavor to our Marionberry Vodka.


2013 GADF - Silver Medal

2015 GADF - Bronze Medal

Indio Marionberry Vodka sales sheet pdf

Lemongrass Lime Vodka

The clean, fresh taste and aroma of lemongrass combines
with just the right kick of lime. Perfect on ice, or add a fresh twist to your favorite vodka cocktail.


2015 GADF - Gold Medal

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Rose City Vodka

For those who like their vodka pure...and simple.

The only vodka made and sold in Oregon in 1 liter size.

Rose City Vodka sales sheet pdf


Chute 8 American Vodka

Chute Eight American Vodka represents all that is right about the Western Lifestyle. It combines the skill of the Master Distiller, with the passion and toughness of the hard working people that choose to live that way, with the smoothness and wonder of a western sunset.

Chute Eight American Vodka sales sheet pdf